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Connecting Your Oculus Quest to Your PC

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If you have an Oculus Quest or Quest 2, you can connect your headset to your Windows PC to enjoy a PC-powered VR experience instead of using our standalone VR application.


  • Oculus Quest or Quest 2
  • Oculus Link cable (or third-party equivalent, see Cable Requirements from Oculus here)
  • VR-ready Windows PC with a USB-C port (laptop or desktop)


Please follow these steps from Oculus to enable Oculus Link.

Note that if you do not see the prompt to Enable Oculus Link mentioned in Step 5 on the linked page, you may need to enable that from the Oculus Quest Settings menu. Please refer to the Oculus Link troubleshooting documentation if needed, and reach out to support@virtualitics.com if you need additional help.

Once the above steps are completed, simply open the Virtualitics Explore desktop application on your PC and you will be ready to explore your data in VR!

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