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Violin Plot

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What Is It?

A Violin Plot is based on a Scatter Plot, and spreads out overlapping points so that you can better see areas of high concentrations of points.

Why Is This Important?

Violin plots enable users to spread data out when it is clumped together. They are useful in visualizing distributions of scatter plot data. Such as in Height vs Age vs Weight where many individual points in the data share the same Height, Age, and Weight and therefore many data points would be overlapped by other points. 


Steps for creating a Violin Plot:

  1. To create a Violin Plot, drag one feature from the Features list to the X dimension and one feature to the Y dimension.
  2. Note that at least one of these features needs to be categorical, otherwise the plot will be identical to a Scatter Plot.
  3. If you click Apply, you will create a 2D Violin Plot, the most basic option.
  4. You could also add another feature to the Z dimension to create a 3D Violin Plot.
  5. Adding a feature to Color will help make trends in the visualization pop, and the Color dimension is usually best-suited for the feature you are most interested in.
  6. Consider also using a Histogram to visualize concentrations in your data.


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