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Line Plot

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What Is It?

A Line Plot allows you to track how certain metrics change with respect to another feature, with your data points connected by straight lines. Line Plots are commonly used to create time series plots.

Why Is This Important?

Using a Line Plot to view changes in your data over time will help to identify improving or worsening performance of key metrics. For example, Line Plots could help to identify how different financial indicators have changed in the past so that you can make more informed decisions when projecting costs into the future.


Steps for creating a Line Plot:

  1. Drag one feature from the Features list to the X dimension and one feature to the Y dimension.
  2. If you click Apply, you will create a 2D Line Plot, the most basic option.
  3. You can add a feature to either of the Color or Group By dimensions to create separate lines for different groups in your data.
  4. The default is Color; to use Group By to create separate lines, open the Plot Settings by clicking on the hamburger     menu in the Mapping panel then select Group By as the View By option. You can also choose whether to show or hide points from this menu.
  5. Adding a feature to the Z dimension will create a 3D Line Plot, which can allow you to see how multiple independent features (the Y and Z dimensions) change with respect to a dependent feature (the X dimension).

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