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What Is It?

The Statistics panel provides the following useful statistics for the selected numerical feature:

  • Min
  • Max
  • Median
  • Average (mean) 
  • Standard deviation
  • Sum

Why Is This Important?

The Statistics panel is useful for pulling up key metrics about single variables while exploring and investigating data. This is important for getting a better contextual understanding of the data you are analyzing. For example, a data analyst could look at the statistical breakdown


Steps for opening the Statistics panel:

  1. Open the Statistics panel by clicking the icon in the toolbar or selecting Statistics from the Data Analytics menu.
  2. Drag and drop a feature into the input area.
  3. A histogram will be generated with additional details depending on the data type of the feature:
    • Numerical: Min, max, median, average, standard deviation and sum 
    • Categorical: A count of each unique value
    • Date: Min, max, and a count of binned date ranges
  4. To produce breakdown statistics based on another feature, map the breakdown feature to the Color dimension.
    • Now there will be multiple sets of histograms and additional details, one for each Color.

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