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Scatter Matrix

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What Is It?

The Scatter Matrix tool is a quick way to view all three 2D projections of your three-dimensional plot.

Why Is This Important?

The Scatter Matrix helps create a quick snapshot of different perspectives of your 3D plot while allowing you to explore the main plot through rotation, zooming in and out, or selecting specific points and regions in the plot. This is useful for real-time collaboration or for static exports off of the platform. As an analyst sharing a project with other stakeholders through a Shared Virtual Office (SVO), the analyst can provide the snapshots while still focusing on explaining or directing attention to specific areas of the plot. When creating static reports like PowerPoints, users can easily create multiple views and leverage annotations or other tools within Explore to focus attention on the most important pieces of the visualization.


Opening the Scatter Matrix panel:

  1. Select the Scatter Matrix icon in the top toolbar.
  2. If you click on any of the 2D projections, your main plot will rotate to display that specific projection.
  3. You can select Default View from View Options in the menu bar or Contextual Menu to return to a 3D projection.

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