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Region Selection

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What Is It?

The Region Selection tool enables you to zoom into a user specified area on a 3D or 2D map.

Why Is This Important?

Explore makes it easy for you to quickly zoom into an area of interest when working with 2D or 3D map plots. Using map projections allows users to explore geospatial insights quickly by using the manual controls to rotate, zoom, and select areas of the plot. The Region Selection provides that additional layer of control where users can observe interesting areas and then quickly change their view to those specific areas. This can be leveraged in both data exploration or in a collaborative setting with stakeholders, whether it is in a Shared Virtual Office or a video exported from the application.  


Steps for accessing the Region Selection tool:

  1. Note: You must be viewing a 3D Globe or 2D Map plot type to access the Region Selection tool.
  2. In the Mapping panel, select the options menu and click Plot Settings.
  3. Click on the Select Region button.
  4. Click and drag on the map to highlight the area on which you like to zoom in.
  5. After selecting, click on the flashing “Zoom to 2D Map” button.
  6. The plot will then zoom into the selected region, bringing you to a 2D Map from a 3D Globe or a more zoomed in 2D Map from a previous 2D Map.

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