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Keyboard Shortcuts

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What Is It?

The Keyboard Shortcuts enables users to quickly move, rotate, or scroll through visualizations and data between different screens within the application.

Why Is This Important?

The Keyboard Shortcuts library offers flexibility to different user types who rely or prefer using the keyboard over their touchpad or mouse. Offering these options is important in order to tailor the experience to different skill levels or preferences.


Here is a list of the current keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) available while using Explore:

Key Input Functionality
W Zoom in on plot (move camera forward)
S Zoom out on plot (move camera backward)
A Pan camera left
D Pan camera right
Q Descend camera
E Ascend camera
Up Arrow ↑ Rotate plot up
Down Arrow ↓ Rotate plot down
Left Arrow ← Rotate plot left
Right Arrow → Rotate plot right
Space Bar AUX axis change
F1 Set camera angle to “Default View”
F2 Set camera angle to “Front View”
F3 Set camera angle to “Side View”
F4 Set camera angle to “Top View”
F5 Hide/Restore all windows
F6 Switch between OBJ and Plot mode when both an object and a dataset are loaded
F7 Hide/Show Annotations
F12 Apply default plotting (first three numeric features in dataset mapped to X, Y, Z axes)
Esc Exit VR mode
Hold Ctrl + click a point Allows user to select multiple points in the Point Info panel
Hold Shift + scroll mouse wheel on Spreadsheet View Scroll Spreadsheet View horizontally
Hold Shift + hold right mouse button to rotate Locks rotation to either vertical or horizontal axis

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