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Info Panels

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What Is It?

The Info Panel enables users to select points or areas in their visualization and access detailed information associated with their selection.

Why Is This Important?

Explore focuses on providing multiple views of that data in order to help users comfortably get to key insights and takeaways that can lead into real action. The Info Panel offers a deeper lens into points or areas of a plot that the overall visualization and analysis has highlighted as interesting. Users will need quick ways to characterize these areas of interest and access more granular data in order to establish a next step in their process.


In every visualization, you can select individual points to display the Point Info Panel or individual bins to display the Bin Info Panel (for Histograms).

Point Info Panel

The Point Info Panel shows you the values for every feature in the row associated with that point. The list starts with mapped features and ends with all other unmapped features. The search bar will search for both features and values.

Bin Info Panel

The Bin Info Panel shows you the values for each feature mapped to an axis for the selected bin, provides a bin distribution for Color if it is mapped, and gives minimum, maximum, and mean values for the feature mapped to Size.

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