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What Is It?

The History panel acts as a running audit of the steps a user has taken within a Explore project file, recording all updates made to the plot. This includes plots created manually, plots generated by AI routines, and adjustments made to how those plots look.

Why Is This Important?

The History panel is very useful for looking back through the analysis you have done so that you can quickly review a previous plot you created. Once you have completed your analysis and you would like to save and share your project file, you can favorite your key visualizations so that either you or other users can quickly follow the data story that you created previously. This is a powerful tool for sharing and communicating your results to stakeholders.


Steps for using the History panel:

  1. Once you have created one or more plots, open the History panel by clicking the icon in the toolbar or selecting History from the Window menu.
  2. You will see one History entry for each plot update that you have made so far.
  3. You can click on any of these entries to view the corresponding plot without having to recreate it manually.
  4. You can also click on the star next to any of these entries to add them to Favorites, which is a very useful capability for presenting or sharing your analysis.
    • Tip: Rename these Favorite entries so that it is clear exactly what they show.
  5. The History playback controls at the bottom of the panel allow you to automatically cycle through your entries, which is very helpful for showing your different plots while you talk over them or recording them in a video.

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