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Find and Replace

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What Is It?

The Find and Replace tool allows you to find and replace specific cell values in your dataset.

Why Is This Important?

The Find and Replace tool can be useful for data cleansing if you find that your data has some values that are inaccurate. For example, this can be used to standardize uppercase or lowercase for different categories in string categorical fields or replace erroneous numbers with missing values in numerical fields. Offering this flexibility enables you to move seamlessly and quickly through your analysis and reach the key insights that lead into business decisions.  


Accessing Find and Replace

  1. Click the Spreadsheet View button in the top toolbar.
  2. Click the Find and Replace button in the upper right corner.

Finding and Replacing Cell Values

You have the option to require an exact match or allow matches that contain your search phrase. You can also specify whether the case must match or not. There are two options for how to find values:

  • Column - Use this option if you would only like to find or replace values in specific columns.

  • Type - Use this option if you would like to find or replace values in all columns of a certain type.

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