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Settings Panel

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The Settings Panel allows you to customize your experience by adjusting preferences in the following tabs. More details can be found by going to the respective pages by clicking on the tab name:

  • General – Change autosave frequency and default directory; edit format and missing value options; set history and statistics panel options
  • Account – Manage account online; sign out; enter license license details; share usage data
  • Plot – Change auxiliary axis on plot; show/hide tooltips; change friction coefficient for plot rotation; set default Shape Options and Grid Options
  • Maps – Select configurations for map plot types
  • VR – Set default Shared Virtual Office environment in VR; add avatar height correction; change touch remote settings
  • Avatar – Choose avatars from set of pre-defined avatars
  • Appearance – Change color of plot background; change colors for points, edges (for network graphs), and the gridbox in both Desktop and VR
  • Audio – Adjust your input and/or output settings
  • SQL – Configure default database connection details
  • Network – Run network test to check if SVO session is possible; configure custom SVO settings if enabled by your organization; configure enterprise license server connection; configure proxy settings
  • Capture – Image and video capture preferences: default folder, video quality, GIF/video frame rates, maximum GIF/video length, show/hide cursor
  • API – Configure API port and encryption key; launch and terminate API server; establish Virtualitics Predict connection
  • 3D Objects – Edit settings relating to Mesh Colliders and Shader Options for 3D Objects
  • Annotations – Modify visual settings for plot annotations
  • About – Version information can be found here

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