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The Network tab has options for the Shared Virtual Office (SVO) and for Proxy Configuration.

  • Automatically Sync VR Status – Using this feature, clients will be automatically synced to the host mode.
  • Show user connection strength in SVO – Using this feature, network strength for each user will be visible on the Connect window.

Within the SVO section, you can run a network test to check if an SVO session is possible. You can also change your SVO configuration options, if allowed by your organization:

  • Disabled: This indicates that SVO is disabled for your account. Please contact your Virtualitics account administrator if you have any questions.
  • Default: This uses the default Virtualitics SVO configuration, which is the correct setting for most users.
  • Specified: If your organization has set up on-premise SVO, your account administrator can set a specified configuration for all users in your organization. Please contact your Virtualitics representative if you have any questions.
  • Custom: This allows you to enter a custom SVO URL. This should only be used if instructed by your Virtualitics account administrator.

If your organization has deployed a licensing server on-prem, you may configure that connection here.

The Proxy Configuration section allows you to enable proxy settings.

Note: Users can click on the ‘Reset’ button to reset their network settings. 

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