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Scenario Planning Tool

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What is It?

The Scenario Planning Tool (SPT) allows you to modify your input data and generate a new prediction based upon those changes instantaneously.


Why Is this Important?

This allows the user to see the impact of changing certain variables or parameters on the model output. This is another type of Explainable AI that can be built into a Predict Flow to further increase understanding of and trust in results, while allowing users to experiment with different conditions.



1. Select a point from the scatter plot. This opens the Point Editor portion of the tool. 



2. Adjust the value of the desired variables. Note that each value has a specific range, and entering a value outside of that range will highlight the field in red, and the prediction using the out-of-range value may not be as reliable.

  • To return a variable back to its original value, press the “reset” icon that appears after a value has been edited.


3. Press the Predict button.

  • Note that an infographic appears to explain the change in the prediction.
  • If you go back into the Point Editor section, click on the Settings icon, and then click on the Render Waterfall Plot switch to make it active, a waterfall plot will appear above the infographic for additional details.

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