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Flows Table

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To access the Flows you have started or that have been shared with you, click on the Flows tab from the left menu panel.



Each Flow in the table will have the following information:

  • Title
  • Blueprint
  • Status (Flow is “STARTED” or “SUCCESS”)
  • Step
  • Created
  • Schedule (if set)
  • Actions


Certain actions can be performed on a Flow by selecting the 3-dots in the Actions column:

  • Go to Flow (to its “Current step”)
  • Edit Schedule (if one has already been created)
  • Add Schedule
  • Favorite
  • Share
  • Delete



Additional information can be seen by clicking on the arrow at the right of the Flow, which gives more information such as the owner, ID, and progress of the Flow.



You can search, download a CSV file, and filter the Flows table by clicking the icons on the top right of the table.


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