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Automated Scheduler

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Instead of creating a new Flow every time it needs to be run, a schedule can be created to run a Flow automatically with updated data each time.


To add a schedule for a Flow, two methods exist in the Flows table:

  1. Select the Add Schedule option after clicking on the 3-dots button under the Actions column.


2. Open the flow and select the New Schedule button inside the Schedule tab.



From this point, you can set up a repeating schedule or set up a schedule using a cron string.



In this section, you can select a schedule with a starting date & time, a frequency the schedule is set to run, and an ending condition.

  1. Select your start date, time, and timezone
  2. Select your desired repeating intervals (minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months)
  3. Select your ending condition (never, on a specific date, or after a specified number of occurrences)



Cron String

In this section, you may add a cron string to set up your schedule. Simply add it in the desired format, and your schedule is set up. Note: times in cron strings should be specified in UTC.


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