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Contextual Menu

Plot Contextual Menu

Right-clicking in the plot area will bring up the contextual menu, which allows you to quickly access the following options:

  • Axes Normalization – The normalization option will apply to all three axes
  • Grid Options – Choose to show or hide grid cube and tickmarks
  • View Options – Choose to view plot from different perspective
  • Interaction – Turn on/off of the point interaction (see Optimization)
  • Shape Options – View points as different shapes (see Optimization)
  • Windows Layout – Options to define windows layout
  • Preferences – Quick access to open the preferences window (see Preferences)
  • Manage Dataset – Interactions that relate to current dataset (load, close, subset, save, etc.)
  • Datasets Loaded – Quick access to switch to another loaded dataset

Point Contextual Menu

Right-clicking on any point will bring up the point-related contextual menu, where you have the options of bringing up the point info panel, deleting the point, or showing only points with the same color.