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Single Sign On (SSO) Configuration

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Our web platform supports single sign-on (SSO) to integrate with your enterprise systems. We currently support SAML 2.0-based SSO methods that provide IDP XML, like Okta.


Steps for Configuring SSO

  1. With a valid admin account for the Virtualitics Account Portal, log in and go to the Security page.
  2. Follow the instructions from your identity provider (IDP) about how to create an app.
    1. For example, you can follow Okta's page to create an app.
  3. The IDP will ask for a Single-Sign On URL. This is sometimes known as the ‘SSO URL’, ‘ACS URL’, or ‘SP URL’.
    1. This URL can be found under the Security page as the “SSO URL”.
  4. The IDP may also ask for an Entity ID.
    1. This will also be found on the Security page as the “SSO Entity ID”.
  5. Once you have added the app in your IDP, they will provide you with a “SSO IDP Config XML”. Copy and paste that XML into the “SSO IDP Config XML” field on the Security page and click “Save SSO IDP XML”.
    1. An example SSO IDP Config XML can be found here.


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