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Launchpad Configuration

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Our Account Portal allows you to configure the homepage to access your web-based products from a central Launchpad.



Steps for Configuring the Launchpad

  • Log in to the Account Portal with an admin account.
  • Navigate to the On Premise Configuration page.

  • Click on the Add Product button in the top right.
    • Select whether the product you are adding is Explore (Web) or Predict.
    • Add a display name for the product (this will be the title of the tile on the Launchpad).
      • Note: Characters in product names must be alphanumeric, spaces, dashes, or apostrophes.
    • Add the URL where this product is deployed (for example, https://explore.yourcompany.com).

  • Click on the checkmark on the right, then the tile will appear on the Launchpad.
  • Go to the Home page and click on the newly created tile to access your product!

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