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Network Insights

Network Graphs are a new area of analytics for most people. As such, Virtualitics strongly recommends utilizing the Insights panel to guide you through network analysis. Namely, the insights generated in VIP can assist users in finding semantic meaning in the network structure and interpret the visualization correctly. In addition to viewing network-specific insights, you can also choose to view standard insights for your dataset to help see which areas of the plot have higher color concentrations.

Network Insights are always specific to the visible nodes. This means that when you filter out nodes (and as a result, edges), you are changing the overall structure of the network and the insights must be updated. This is so that you can load in a large dataset, filter down to your areas of interest, and still get interesting insights about your data.

Since most networks are quite large, the insights in our software are driven by communities. As a result, the first insight we deliver helps users to determine the semantic meaning behind these communities.