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Network Explainability


Virtualitics’ patented Network Extractor tool within the Virtualitics Immersive Platform (VIP) is one of the most powerful data analytics tools available in the software, capable of generating complex networks from tabular data presented to the user with class-leading visualizations. Power users with expert-level knowledge of Graph Theory are able to glean powerful insights from the results of the Network Extractor algorithm. However, these insights may often elude both technical and nontechnical users alike when they are unfamiliar with network graphs. Network Explainability (NetXAI) takes concrete steps to bring these expert-level insights to all users by analyzing the Louvain Communities generated by the Network Extractor and providing succinct English descriptions of the characteristic features that define the community and differentiate it from the other communities.

This can be done using the statistics panel to determine what key characteristics define each of the Louvain Communities:

How to Run Network Explainability

Network Explainability can be run on any type of network visualization within the platform, regardless of whether network extractor was used to construct the network or not. To run NetXAI, right click on a network graph plot and navigate to Network Analysis Tools > Explain Louvain Communities, as below:

Alternatively, to explain Louvain Communities only in the context of one feature, you can right click on a categorical feature from the features panel and select “Explain Louvain Communities”:

Running NetXAI creates two new features in the Graphs category:

  • Community Degree – the degree of homogeneity of each community, which is mapped to the size axis
  • Community Description – plain text descriptions of each community, which are mapped to the color axis

This empowers users to understand what characteristics define each community, as well as how strong these correlations are across the community. If there are not clear enough relationships between the Louvain communities, the NetXAI algorithm will not provide a description of the community. 

Notes (NetXAI is still in beta, please email with any feedback or recommendations):

  • NetXAI is disabled in VR mode.
  • NetXAI is disabled in the SVO.
  • NetXAI excludes URL Features when executed.
  • NetXAI is disabled for Viewer licensed users.
  • A prompt is displayed to the user when NetXAI is not supported for the categorical feature.
  • User cannot run NetXAI if any point in the Louvain Community is not visible. Try resetting the Legend or removing Filters in this case.
  • NetXAI should only work for networks that contain enough categorical data. A prompt is displayed when NetXAI does not meet the criteria.