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Network Appearance

Virtualitics has implemented toggles for customizations to visually represent your data in a more comfortable way. For Color, there are a variety of color palettes to choose from within the settings of the mapping panel. This includes a color-blind-friendly pattern. Furthermore, there are three customizable options that you can change and save to have a personalized display for your plots.

There are several options available in the Appearance section of the Preferences window to adjust the Default Edge Color, Default Maps Edge Color, Default Edge Insight Color and Edge Alpha, for both Desktop and VR. The Edge Alpha adjusts the opacity of the edges to make them bolder or fainter.

Additionally, you can customize your data using the Edge Curvature slider in the Mapping panel. This could potentially be used as a supplementary alteration to a plot that experiences occlusion, which can happen when many edges obscure the nodes of the network.