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Most Influential Community

Virtualitics determines the most influential community by computing PageRank on the Community Graph. The community graph is a representative network where each node represents a community from the base network graph. Furthermore, the edges in the community graph are representative of the collective edge weights between each pair of communities in the base network graph.

The community graph is substantially smaller than the base network graph and we can compute the PageRank metric incredibly quickly. The most influential community is the community with the highest PageRank value in the community graph. PageRank is a centrality measure that is frequently used to track the importance or influence of each node in the network.

The most influential community in a network is important in that its behaviors, characteristics, and information are highly representative of the overall network.

When you select this insight, the most influential community will be highlighted, and the other nodes/edges will be dimmed. Furthermore, any edges that exist between the nodes in the most influential community will be highlighted in gold (edge highlight color). This will help to interpret the layout of this community in relation to the rest of the network.