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Network Analysis Tools

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What Is It?

We have implemented several fundamental network analysis tools into our analytics suite so that beginner and expert network analysts alike can augment their analysis. These tools include Compute Structure, Clustering CoefficientPageRankGraph Distance and Shortest Path.

Why Is This Important?

When performing analysis of Network Graphs, it is often critical to compute different metrics to evaluate your network. These allow you to streamline the process of data exploration and picking out Network Insights. For example, you may need to calculate how many mutations away one gene is from another, in which case you could calculate the Shortest Path to see how that mutation could occur. You may also be interested in identifying hubs that are critical to your supply chain, which could be identified by calculating Graph Distance metrics.


Right-click anywhere in the plot (not on a node) and hover over Network Analysis Tools to see the following options:

  • Compute Structure allows you to recalculate the 3D spatialization after modifying which nodes are included in the network.
  • Clustering Coefficient calculates the connectedness, or density, of the network and maps onto color.
  • PageRank is a tool that measures the influence of the nodes. When computed, this metric is automatically mapped to Color.
  • Graph Distance computes several measures of centrality as well as eccentricity to show properties of the network. These computations drive some of the Network Insights.
  • Shortest Path measures the path from one node to another by considering the path length as well as the edge weights.

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