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Adding features to the X, Y, and Z axes defines the position of the points in your visualizations. At least one axis must have a feature for all plot types. 2D visualizations require any two axes to have features applied, and 3D visualizations require features on all three.

The position dimensions allow all feature types. The most useful feature type to use on these dimensions depends on the current Plot Type, which for Scatter Plots is the numerical type. Note: For maps, X should be the longitude and Y should be the latitude.


Position settings are found by clicking on the XYZ axis icons  in the Mapping panel:

  • Scale – Numerical or categorical – shrinks or expands the length of an axis to make individual points easier to see
  • Normalization – Numerical only (see Normalization)
  • Range – Numerical only – filters out points outside of the two selected values

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