Related Categories


Playback is a useful dimension for both selecting different categories inside a feature and also for animating a data set. Selecting Plot after adding a feature to Playback will add a few new pieces of user interface to the mapping panel. The interface contains these controls:

  • Bin dropdown – Choose from a list of individual categories in the feature
  • Left/Right Arrows – Browse between individual categories in the feature
  • Play/Pause – Start automatically moving between categories one by one OR pause animation if already in progress
  • Play slider – Scrub between different categories by dragging the slider left and right
  • Repeat button – Switch between looping and stopping after reaching the last category
  • Stop – Reset play mode and show all categories
  • Speed Dropdown – Change play speed
  • Aggregate – Choose whether or not to aggregate points while playing

Playback accepts all data types and is a useful way to show points changing in time. Adding a Date feature creates a dynamic visualization that shows how the structure of the visualization changes in response to time.


For performance reasons, when the Playback is paused on a particular bin, points that are now invisible can still be selected by clicking on where they used to be displayed. This will not happen if the bin is selected directly using the dropdown or the arrow buttons.