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Playback  is a useful dimension for both selecting different categories inside a feature and also for animating a data set. After applying a feature to the Playback dimension, the Playback interface can be opened by clicking the Playback dimension icon in the Mapping panel. The interface contains these controls:

  • Bin dropdown – Choose from a list of individual categories in the feature
  • Left/Right arrows – Browse between individual categories in the feature
  • Play/Pause – Start automatically moving between categories one by one OR pause animation if already in progress
  • Play slider – Scrub between different categories by dragging the slider left and right
  • Repeat button – Switch between looping and stopping after reaching the last category
  • Stop – Reset play mode and show all categories
  • Speed dropdown – Change play speed
  • Aggregate – Choose whether or not to aggregate points while playing

Playback accepts all data types and is a useful way to show points changing in time. Adding a Date feature creates a dynamic visualization that shows how the structure of the visualization changes in response to time.

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