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Color is a very important dimension and can be used in all Plot Types. This dimension will change the color of your points, bins, lines, and surfaces to represent the value of that object for the assigned feature.

The Legend Panel on the right side of the screen shows what every color represents. This dimension should almost always be used when creating four- and higher-dimensional visualizations.

Color allows all feature types and is equally useful for both numerical and smaller categorical features. When a categorical with many unique values is used on color, the 15 values that appear in the greatest number of rows will be shown, with all other rows grouped into an “Other” category. For this reason, Color may not be useful for very large categorical features.


Color settings are found by clicking on the Color dimension icon in the Mapping panel:

  • Color Bin
    • Color palette selections– Select different colors to represent your bins
      • Note: The last preset color palette option in the list is designed for color blind users
      • The last 3 color palette options allow you to specify your own colors by clicking on the “edit” icon next to the bin colors
      • The color bin order can be reversed by selecting Invert Color Bin from the Color settings menu 
  • Bin Distribution – Numerical only, option to choose bins of an equal number of points or bins of equal range
  • Bins Slider – Numerical only, set the number of bins displayed

  • Color Gradient
    • Color Normalization – See Normalization
    • Color gradient palette selections– Numerical only, select different ranges of colors. Assigns all points a unique color according to how high or low the value of the selected feature in that point.
      • Note: The last preset color gradient option in the list is designed for color blind users
      • The color gradient direction can be reversed by selecting Invert Color Gradient from the Color settings menu

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