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The Arrow dimension can be used to indicate the value of an assigned feature by drawing an arrow pointing out of the point. Arrows that are pointing up on the Y axis indicate a high value, while arrows that are pointing down indicate a low value. Because the arrows can crowd a visualization and potentially obscure other dimensions, use of the arrow dimension is situational.

Arrow allows all feature types but is best with numerical features given the continuous nature of the representation. While arrow can also be used with categorical features, it is generally not recommended since it is difficult for people to differentiate between multiple angles.


Arrow settings are found by switching to the Settings tab on the Mapping panel and selecting the Other button:

  • Normalization – Numerical only, see Normalization
  • Scale – Adjusts the size of all points to be either bigger or smaller. Note: This setting can be changed even when there is no feature mapped to size
  • Range – Numerical only, filters out points outside of the two selected values
  • Visibility On/Off – Show and hide the arrow effect without removing the mapped feature