Related Categories


The Color tab in the Legend panel explains what each color represents when a feature is mapped to the Color dimension. It is also a useful way to filter your visualization by showing and hiding specific categories and bins.

Pie Chart

The pie chart at top of the Color legend tab shows the distribution for each category or bin contained in the feature that is mapped to color. Each slice corresponds to a category in the Details section, and the size of each slice corresponds to the percentage of points which are members of that category. Empty slices indicate points that have been filtered out, either deliberately by you or because these rows contained missing values for one or more of the features that are being visualized. The numbers in the center of the pie chart indicate the total number of points that are visible out of the total number of points in the dataset that have a value for the feature that is mapped to color.

Details Section

This section shows every category contained in features with 16 or fewer categories, or the 15 biggest categories plus an “Other” category for features with many categories. The list is ordered by the number of points in each category by default, with the “Other” category at the end of the list regardless of size. Each category has a button showing its color on the left, the name of the category in the middle, and two numbers on the right. The numbers on the right show the number of visible points out of the total number of points in the dataset that are in this category.

The list is interactive and is used to quickly show or hide particular bins. Clicking on the name of the category will show exclusively that category and hide others. Clicking on the circular color button will toggle that bin on and off.

Clicking the Reset button at the top right of the panel will show all categories again.