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Visualizing Your Data

Plot Types allows you to select a specific visualization to explore and analyze your data. The following plot types are available in Virtualitics Explore:

  • 2D Map - a way of visualizing geospatial data, or data with locations, on a smaller, 2D scale.

  • 3D Globe - a way of examining geospatial data, or data with locations, on a larger 3D scale.

  • Convex Hull - adds shapes that outline all points of each color.

  • Ellipsoid - adds confidence intervals displayed as 2D or 3D ellipsoids.

  • Histogram - used to group rows in your data into different bins.

  • Line Plot - allows you to track how certain metrics change with respect to another feature, with your data points connected by straight lines.

  • Scatter Plot - a common plot type that visualizes each row in your dataset as a single point on either a 2D or 3D plotLine Plot.

  • Surface Plot - creates a continuous surface from your data in either 2D or 3D to view how one feature is affected by two others.

  • Violin Plot - spreads out overlapping points so that you can better see areas of high concentrations of points.

To change your plot type in the desktop application, simply click on the current plot type in the toolbar and choose a different visualization from the drop-down.

For more information about these different plot types, click on the buttons below.