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Using Built-in AI Routines

Intelligent Exploration Tools allow AI to guide you through your data. The following built-in AI capabilities are available in Virtualitics Explore:

  • Anomaly Detection - identifies points that are statistical outliers or have extreme values for combinations of features.

  • Clustering - groups points by numerical similarity.

  • Explainable AI (XAI) - provides succinct descriptions of relationships and insights.

  • Insights - automatically generated observations in plain English that are available for certain plot types.

  • Natural Language Query (NLQ) Assistant - enables you to input query text expressed in natural language and return relevant visualizations.

  • Network Extractor - enables users to generate Network Graphs from tabular datasets.

  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA) - reduces the complexity of a problem by condensing information from many different features into just a few representative features.

  • Smart Mapping - helps you instantly understand the key drivers in your data. 

To watch our Intelligent Exploration capabilities in action, check out the video on your left. For detailed information on how to use each of these capabilities, click the buttons below.