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Doing More with Explore

Virtualitics Explore has additional tools available to help you up-level your data exploration. These include:

  • Annotations - leave notes, commentary, or detailed explanations to communicate insights and document your analytics process.

  • Calculator (Desktop only)- perform calculations on existing features in your dataset to create new features to support your analysis.

  • Contextual Menu - provides many useful options just a click away.

  • Find and Replace - find and replace specific values in your dataset.

  • Grid Options - adjust the view of your plot by toggling the plot gridlines and tick marks.

  • Info Panels - access detailed information associated with the selected points or bins.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts (Desktop only) - quickly move, rotate, or scroll through visualizations and data between different screens within the application.

  • Region Selection - zoom into a user-specified area on a 3D or 2D map.

  • Search - find specific words or phrases in the dataset's features.

  • View Options - a quick way to adjust the view of the plot.

Click on each tool below to learn more about them.