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Configuring Your Network

Virtualitics communicates with cloud-based services to ensure license security, check for updates, and sync users’ experiences in the Shared Virtual Office (SVO). It, therefore, requires the ability to communicate with the Internet.

Please reach out to with any questions or concerns about configuring your network for a successful Virtualitics deployment.

Enterprise Network Deployment

Customers with large private networks typically deploy Virtualitics behind forward proxies, which mediate traffic to the external internet. Once configured, all network traffic from Virtualitics will be intercepted by the proxy. The forward proxy can deny connections based on various rules, so it’s important to ensure that your proxy allows the requisite traffic.

Note: If you are on a restricted network, please whitelist all traffic from virtualitics.exe to enable using all aspects of the software, including the Shared Virtual Office (SVO) and 2D Maps from online map providers.