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Thank you for your interest in Virtualitics! Follow the instructions below to register your account and to install Virtualitics Explore on your machine.

First Time Account Setup & Installation

Getting setup with our software is simple:

  • We’ve sent an invite to your email address, with the title “Virtualitics | Account Registration” or “Virtualitics | Seat Assignment” — if you don’t see it, try checking your junk folder
  • Follow the link in the email, accept our license agreement, and create your account via the Account Portal
  • Select the Management tab – by clicking on the “+ Add New User” button, you can invite your colleagues to create accounts and download the software
  • Select the Downloads tab – click on the download button for your operating system to download the latest version (Windows is recommended)
  • Install the Virtualitics application, accepting all prompts
  • Open the Virtualitics application, logging in with the account you previously created
  • Users can enable the auto-login feature provided the “Remember Me” checkbox is checked
  • Note: Manually signing out from Help tab or the Settings window will disable the auto-login feature 

Note: Linux users should also reference our Linux Installation Instructions to grant executable permissions for the necessary files and to ensure that the proper graphics drivers are being used. If you run into any issues during setup, please send an email to support@virtualitics.com with details of your issue.

Once you’ve logged in you’re ready to go!

Getting Started

To help you get started exploring the software, we have a selection of Video Tutorials that walk through some basic capabilities. We also include some sample projects, datasets and OBJ files with the installation, which can be found in the following locations on different platforms:

  • Windows: C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Virtualitics\SampleData
  • Mac: /Users/[username]/Virtualitics/SampleData
  • Linux: /home/[username]/Virtualitics/SampleData

Updating an Existing Installation

When a new version of the software has been released, you will see a pop-up window after logging into the application that will direct you to the Account Portal.

  • Click the “Update” button in Explore or navigate directly to the Account Portal
  • Select the Downloads tab – click on the download button for your operating system to download the latest installer
  • Note: Make sure to close Explore before updating
  • Run the installer, accepting all prompts
  • Open the Virtualitics application, now with all the latest features!
  • If you are using our Python API, that will also need to be updated by following the instructions on the API Overview page

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