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How to Install

Thank you for your interest in Virtualitics! Follow the instructions below to register and to install the application on your machine.

Account Setup & Installation

Getting setup with our software is simple:

  1. We’ve sent an invite to your email address, with the title “Virtualitics | Account Registration” or “Virtualitics | Seat Assignment” — if you don’t see it, try checking your junk folder
  2. Follow the link in the email, accept our license agreement, and create your account via the Account Portal
  3. Select the Management tab — by clicking on the “+ New” button, you can invite your colleagues to create accounts and download the software
  4. Select the Downloads tab — click on the “Download (64-Bit)” button to download the latest installer
  5. Run the installer, accepting all prompts
  6. Run the Virtualitics shortcut on your desktop, logging in with the account you previously created

Once you’ve logged in you’re ready to go! If you’ve been scheduled for a demo or training session with Virtualitics, please follow these additional steps to ensure a good connection:

  1. Click the Preferences button () on the top right of the application
  2. Select the Network tab
  3. Click on “Test Connection”

If the test returns a success, you’re all set! If it returns a failure, it’s likely you are on a restricted network — please try using an unrestricted guest network, or a wireless hotspot. If neither of these are available, please send an email to — we’ll find an alternate way to conduct your session.