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Upload a Flow

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As a developer or data scientist, you can upload your own Flows to the Virtualitics AI Platform. By uploading a Python file, you are able to productionize and deploy your own Flow for data analysis and prediction. Please refer to the other pages in this Deploy section to learn how to write your own Flows, and visit our SDK Documentation for technical Flow development documentation.


Once your Flow file is ready, you can upload it and start using it.

  1. At the Home page, select the Create Flow button.
  2. Select the Python file for your Flow.
    1. Note: The Flow name must be no more than 142 characters (defined in the Python file where Flow() is called).
  3. Choose whether you would like to overwrite a previous version of the same Flow (useful if you would like to update a Flow you have already uploaded without creating another copy of the Flow).
    1. Note: The previous version of the Flow will no longer be available and would have to be re-uploaded as a new Flow.
  4. Press the Create button.
  5. You should see a Success notification - go back to the Home screen and a new tile should be present for your newly-created Flow for you and all users at your organization.

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