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Features Panel

Once your data is loaded in the application, all the features are listed in the main Features panel. From there you can search and filter specific features, sort to easily retrieve them, convert to one file format to another or create new features.

Right-clicking on a feature name gives also access to a pop-up with an interactive histogram for that feature, with also statistics and percentage of missing values, to better understand the distribution. Depending on the type of the feature, there are some additional interactions in the contextual menu. If it’s a numerical feature, you will have the ability to create binary median or normalized feature from current feature, or convert it to categorical. If it’s a categorical feature, you can convert it to numerical (if possible).

Finding a Feature

It can be time consuming to find a particular feature in very large datasets. To find it quickly, simply start typing into the search box in the feature panel. The feature list will remove any features that do not match your search term.

Sort Features

Select the dropdown at the top of the feature panel to change their order in four ways:

  • Default – The original order of columns from the loaded data set
  • A-Z – Alphabetical order
  • Z-A – Reverse alphabetical order
  • Types – Grouped by Numerical, Categorical, and Date, then ordered like the Default method