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Change, Rename and Create

You can rename, re-categorize, and transform your features by hovering over them and then right-clicking (desktop) or pressing B or Y (VR).

The options available depend on the feature, but will contain one or more of these:

  • Transform¬†– Available only for numerical features, creates a new derivative feature based on the current feature
    • Binary Median – New feature contains cells with “below median” or “above median” depending on the values of the original feature for that row
    • Normalize [0, 1] – Reorders all values in the original feature between 0 (for the lowest value) and 1 (for the highest)
    • Log10 – Normalizes the original feature (see Normalization)
    • IHST – Normalizes the original feature (see Normalization)
    • Softmax¬†Normalizes the original feature (see Normalization)
    • CDF – Normalizes the original feature (computationally intensive, see Normalization)
  • Convert to Categorical – Available for Numerical features, changes type to Categorical
  • Convert to Numerical – Available for Categorical features that contain only numbers, changes type to Numerical
  • Rename – Choose a new name for your feature
  • Histogram – Display a 2D Histogram to see the distribution of the feature, similar to the one in Spreadsheet View