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Data Types

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Virtualitics categorizes your columns into types when you first load in a dataset. We call these categorized columns Features. A feature’s type determines which dimensions can visualize the feature, how data analytics tools interact with the feature, and how certain plot types display the feature.

The data types in the application are:

  • Numerical – Represented by a hash sign, numerical features contain a variety of unique numerical values.
  • Categorical – Represented by a tag icon that contains either letters or a hash sign, categorical features typically contain a set of categories that are shared by multiple rows. Unique string identifiers are also represented as categorical. When plotting categorical features, up to 100 categories will be shown on the axis tickmarks.
  • Date – Represented by a calendar icon, date features contain only measurements of time. The cells must match an Accepted Date Format.
  • URL – Represented by a link icon, URL features contain only web links or links to the local file system. These links can be selected through the Point Info panel after selecting individual points in a visualization.

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