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Contextual Menu

Plot Contextual Menu

Right-clicking in the plot area will bring up the contextual menu, which allows you to quickly access the following options:

  • Axes Normalization – The normalization option will apply to all three axes
  • Grid Options – Choose to show or hide grid cube and tickmarks
  • Plot Title – Choose to show or hide the plot title
  • Shape Options – View points as different styles (see Shape Options)
  • View Options – Choose to view the plot from different preset angle
  • Windows Layout – Option to show/hide windows
  • Manage Dataset – Interactions that relate to current dataset (load, close, save, etc.)
  • Loaded Datasets – Quick access to switch to another loaded dataset
  • Create Subset – Create a new subset from visible points
  • Create Visible Points Filter – Create a new feature that can be used to filter currently visible points

Point Contextual Menu

Right-clicking on any point will bring up the point-related contextual menu, where you have the options of bringing up the point info panel, deleting the point, showing only points with the same color, showing only points with the same shape, or show tooltips.