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Automated Workflows


Workflows enable users to streamline plot construction by saving the steps they’ve taken in creating a visualization within a workflow file. Users can then use that file to load the steps they’ve taken into a dataset in VIP to recreate the plot with similar data. This provides a way to streamline and automate business tasks that are repeatable, minimizing room for errors and increasing overall efficiency and productivity.

Creating and Saving a Workflow

Workflows are accessible from the Tools menu in the application bar.

Any action performed in VIP that causes an update to a plot will create an entry in the workflow panel. When you save a workflow, all of these entries will be saved within the resulting workflow file. Workflow entries are created even when the panel is minimized or closed. Thus the checkbox functionality is useful where the user can include or exclude entries while saving the workflow.

To save a workflow at any time in a session, use the Save option from the Workflows menu. Any entries unchecked during the save process will not be displayed when the saved workflow is loaded.

Loading and Running a Workflow

Loading a workflow on a feasible dataset will automatically run the workflow. Attempting to load a workflow on a dataset with different columns than the dataset that the workflow was created on will display a prompt notifying the users regarding the invalid workflow actions. These action items will be displayed in the workflow panel but will be unchecked by default.

Notes (Workflows is still in beta, please email with any feedback or recommendations):

  • Running ML routines and Search creates two workflow entries. One entry corresponds to the run of the ML function and the other entry belongs to the mapping generated when the plot update after running the ML function.
  • Calculator entries will also be recorded after the calculator result is added in the features list. 
  • Workflows are disabled while using the SVO.
  • Workflows are disabled in VR mode.
  • Workflows can be edited outside of VIP, within the workflow JSON file (the default location is Virtualitics/Workflows). 
  • Autosave does not recover workflows.
  • The workflow functionality is synced with most of the entries in the history panel.