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With VIP’s Annotations, you can leave notes to communicate crucial insights you have found while analyzing your data. These Annotations are saved with your .vip project files, so that you can send your full analysis to a colleague and they will be able to see the comments you have left for different plots. There are three different types of Annotations available that can be used for different purposes:

  • Point Annotation – Can be added by right-clicking a point. Very useful for keeping track of a single point of interest across multiple visualizations since this Annotation stays attached to the point when changing the plot.
  • Mapping Annotation – Can be added by right-clicking the plot. Best for adding comments specific to the current plot, this Annotation will disappear when changing plots.
  • Dataset Annotation – Can be added by right-clicking the plot. Useful for adding overall context to your dataset, this Annotation will persist across all plots in the current dataset.

Annotations can also be used to quickly switch from one plot to another using the linking functionality. Simply click on the link icon to link to another visualization (either in the same dataset or another dataset). You can adjust the color of both the Annotation text and window, as well as convert between mapping and dataset Annotations from the Annotations settings bar. Clicking the Annotation pip (the circle with a number inside) will minimize or show the Annotation, and all Annotations can be shown or hidden from the Tools section of the application menu.