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Surface  is a 3D plot that shows a functional relationship between a designated dependent variable and two independent variables, e.g. Y = f(X, Z).

Required Features and Dimensions

Surface Plot requires features mapped to X, Y, and Z. Typically this data should represent one feature as a single-valued function of the other two. For instance, in a case where Y = f(X, Z), in order to generate a surface, the product of the number of unique values on X and the number of unique values on Z should equal the total number of data points.

A feature can also be mapped to the Color dimension. Recommendation: Try mapping the same feature that is mapped to the surface height initially.

Advanced: The Group By dimension can also be used if there are multiple surfaces described in the data. In this case, each category in the feature mapped to Group By must individually satisfy the above criteria.


  • Show/Hide Points(Defaults to Hide) This dropdown allows you to show or hide the individual points on the surface. This is useful for focusing just on the surface, or simultaneously visualizing other dimensions in addition to the surface.