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Network Analysis Tools

In order to assist users who may not be familiar with networks and network analysis, Virtualitics has implemented fundamental network analysis tools into our analytics suite. We provide the tools Compute Structure, Clustering CoefficientPageRankGraph Distance and Shortest Path in the click of a button. These allow you to streamline the process of data exploration and picking out Network Insights.

  • To allow for more insightful interpretation of Louvain communities, try running Network Explainability.
  • Compute Structure allows you to recalculate the 3D spatialization after modifying which nodes are included in the network.
  • Clustering Coefficient calculates the connectedness, or density, of the network and maps onto color.
  • PageRank is a tool that measures the influence of the nodes. When computed, this metric is automatically mapped to Color.
  • Graph Distance computes several measures of centrality as well as eccentricity to show properties of the network. These computations drive some of the Network Insights.
  • Shortest Path measures the path from one node to another by considering the path length as well as the edge weights.