Natural Language Query Assistant

VIP’s Natural Language Query (NLQ) Assistant empowers users to conduct the same kind of statistical analyses and derive the same quality of insights from their data as data scientists by enabling user interaction via natural language with VIP’s suite of Machine Learning and Data Analytics tools.

The NLQ Assistant takes as input a command or query expressed using natural language that VIP interprets to produce visualizations, run analytic routines or apply filters.

Queries that produce a specific action can be phrased in different ways; they are mostly case insensitive and handle various synonyms.

Key Points

  • Less technical users can utilize tools in the software with simple commands like: What drives ‘Sales’?
  • Suggested Queries provide an easy and intuitive entry point to start using the advanced analytics routines in VIP
  • Autocomplete for feature names speeds up creation of new queries, getting you to your insights faster
  • Queries can be easily shared and they are a great way to reproduce the same complex visualization on datasets that are updated frequently
  • Additional syntax and industry-specific language can be customized through Extended Queries


Queries to run anomaly detection:

Detect anomalies

Find outliers for ‘Sales’


Query for a line plot followed by a filter query:

Line Plot of ‘Price’ vs. ‘Year’ with ‘City’ on Color

Filter ‘City’ is ‘New York’ or ‘Los Angeles’