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Suggested Queries

When you first click into the NLQ Assistant bar, a few Suggested Queries automatically display below. These Suggested Queries leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to recommend AI routines and plots that will most likely reveal statistically interesting patterns and relevant insights into your dataset. They are designed to provide several potential starting points when analyzing new data, so that you can start using VIP’s powerful capabilities with a single click.



For more advanced users who wish to make Suggested Queries more tailored to your specific data, we have included a Keywords file which can be found in the following locations on different platforms:

  • Windows: C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Virtualitics\Settings\keyword-bank.csv
  • Mac: /Users/[username]/Virtualitics/Settings/keyword-bank.csv
  • Linux: [.tar file path]/Virtualitics.[version]/Virtualitics_Data/StreamingAssets/NLQSettings/keyword-bank.csv

This file can be edited to ensure that features with the desired keywords are displayed in the Suggested Queries. This can be very useful for speeding up analysis of new datasets when you know which features are most important to your analysis. Below is an image of a few Keywords from the file: