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Extended Queries

In order to make NLQ even more accessible, VIP includes an editable collection of templates that allow you to expand the phrasings and terminology that the NLQ Assistant will recognize.


  • Speed up common or lengthy queries with streamlined phrases
  • Advanced users in an organization can add more accessible queries for others

Technical Details

The Extended Queries file can be found in the following locations on different platforms:

  • Windows: C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Virtualitics\Settings\standard-extended-queries.csv
  • Mac: /Users/[username]/Virtualitics/Settings/standard-extended-queries.csv
  • Linux: [.tar file path]/Virtualitics.[version]/Virtualitics_Data/StreamingAssets/NLQSettings/standard-extended-queries.csv

The structure of the file is a list of input templates, output templates and optional comments. Users can add custom inputs and queries into the file to create their own extended queries, which can include either general feature names like {FEATURE1} or specific feature names like ‘Days_Delayed’ or ‘Sales/SqFt’. These Extended Queries can greatly simplify repeated analysis. Below is an image of a few Extended Queries from the file: