Machine Learning and Advanced Data Analytics

VIP has numerous embedded Machine Learning and Advanced Data Analytics routines that empower our users to obtain complex insights from their datasets in just a few clicks.

Here is a list of the routines available:

  • Smart Mapping is our AI-driven, proprietary routine that helps you understand your data more quickly. Our algorithm will rank the features according to how relevant they are to the problem at hand and automatically create suggested mappings that help visualize underlying trends and relationships.
  • Clustering is an unsupervised machine learning technique used to group points by similarity. It can be used to find relationships within datasets and visualize points that behave in a similar fashion.
  • Anomaly Detection is used to identify outliers or data points that behave in a peculiar way compared to the rest of the dataset.
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is a data analysis technique used for dimensionality reduction; it is frequently used when the dataset has a very large number of features.
  • Insights help draw attention to interesting, statistically significant regions of various graphs. These are written in plain English to make them easy to understand.
  • Statistics provide a powerful way to view basic statistics for a selected feature while also viewing the color distribution for that feature: min, max, median, average (mean), standard deviation, and sum.
  • Normalization spreads out the points along a specified dimension so that you can better see their distribution. It expands a tightly clustered group of points so that the differences are clearer in your visualization.