Data Processing

VIP has a endless variety of use cases spanning across industries and application domains. We are often pleasantly surprised by the ways that our users are getting value with our software—using our suite to show data in ways we’ve never imagined. However, we have found that high-degree of flexibility can make it difficult for new users to get familiar with more basic capabilities and limitations of the software.

We wanted to detail some methods that help users work with their data in VIP.  Currently the software can be used to make a multitude of plots but sometimes data must be formatted in specific ways to utilize these powerful plot types. Using the API and a few lines of copy-paste Python code, you can easily create compelling visualizations with all sorts of data!

Getting Set Up With Python

A variety of IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) are available for use with Python. However, we recommend Anaconda for its usability and its structured notebook format. If you do not already have it, please install Anaconda (Python is included with Anaconda) using the link above. Then, be sure to install the Virtualitics Python API by following the instructions on our API Installation page.