Data Import and Export

Before you can start analyzing your data, you need to load a dataset into the application. Virtualitics supports loading data from several different sources (more connectors are added all the time based on our roadmap and client requests):

  • Local files, such as CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, or tabular text files
    • You can also load in several network data file types using the Local option
    • In order to help you get started using the software, we provide some sample datasets for you to explore. The default path for these datasets is C:\Users\[your_username]\Documents\Virtualitics\SampleData.
  • Remote sources, including various SQL and noSQL databases as well as URL connections
  • OBJ files
  • VIP Project files

VIP Projects allow you to save all the visualizations you created during a session plus your currently loaded datasets. You can then load your project at a later time to pick up where you left off, or you can send the project file to a colleague to share your work.